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After Isla del Sol I went to La Paz, Bolivia’s capital. I planned to stay in the capital for only one night, because I was going to Uyuni the next day. So I didn’t get to know the city very well, but for me big cities are very similar I wasn’t so interested in big cities.


I stayed at Wild Rover Hostel, which is a great hostel for those who like parties. There are always fun events and you get to know many people. They offered me a bike tour to Death Road (Camino de la Muerte), which is very popular between the backpackers. It looked very fun, but I didn’t have enough time to go. The name is scary, but it looks like it’s not dangerous, especially because the go in large groups and there are many tourists doing the tour.

I had the whole morning free before my flight to Uyuni, so I decided to see the city from above, in the cable car (teleferico). There are many lines and the cable car is useful to cross the city and to enjoy the view of the city from above. It’s great for people like me, who don’t have much time, as the trip is quite short. Unfortunately, there were some demonstrations in the city that day, so the cable car was full of people. But fortunately, I could do a round trip and go to the airport to ride on the plane I had booked.



It was raining, so the view wasn’t so good. The red line of the cable car passes above a large cemetery and you can see many buildings of La Paz. The buildings look like they are made of bricks and are not painted. You need to buy the return ticket as well. The queues are separated for those who got a card and for those who got a ticket. I didn’t know that and got in the shortest queue, but I got in the wrong one and they let me pass. On that day the cable car stations were a chaos, with giant queues.



Usually the taxis don’t have taximeter, so you have to negotiate the price with the driver. It’s better to pretend that you know the place and know how much it would cost so they don’t charge you more than they should, because when the notice you are a tourist, many drivers try to charge more. As I wrote in my last post, most cars don’t have seat belts, so I was quite nervous in the car. I couldn’t believe how they don’t crash, then my taxi crashed with another car on my way to the airport! Maybe I was thinking too much haha. But it wasn’t anything too bad. The drivers were unhappy with the situation and started arguing. As I was in a hurry to go to the airport, I told the driver that I wanted to get another taxi. He understood and stopped another taxi for me.


After this tumultuous stay in La Paz (I twisted my ankle, the cable car was crowded, I couldn’t wash my clothes and my taxi crushed), I finally arrived at the airport and waited for my flight to Uyuni. I was really happy.


Next I’m going to write about Salar de Uyuni and the trip through Atacama Desert!





How much I spent in this backpack trip: LATIN AMERICA BACKPACK TRIP! ~SUMMARY~



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