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In this post I`m going to write about how much I spent in this backpack trip (money spent on flight tickets, food, tours, etc.) and I`ll also write about how I planned this trip around Latin America. I started planning and bought the tickets about 2 months before my departure. At the beginning it was really hard for me to calculate how much money I needed. However, I saved all the money I could, so I wouldn`t run short of it during the trip. As I said before, I have spent almost everything I had saved, but I regret nothing, I would do it again if I could.


I hope this summary will help people who are thinking about doing a similar backpack trip. Of course, the amount of money depends a lot of the trip style and/or budget. For example: If you want to spend less money you can stay in a cheaper hostel or use free services like couchsurfing; cook to spend less money on food (I have cooked a lot of pasta during the trip to save money lol); choose cheaper tours (it’s not so easy to do a backpack trip like this, so I didn’t want to save money on the tours); wait for cheap flights, etc. And if you want to have a more comfortable trip, and/or enjoy the local cuisine, of course, should increase the budget.


The amount of money (USD) were calculated from Brazilian Real, so the amount is approximate.



Number of visited countries: 5 countries

Number of travelled days: 44 days

Money spent: about $5.800 USD (R$20.000,00) (details below)

Points (miles) used: 45.600 points

Period: January 8th 2018 – February 21st 2018

Time spent planning: about 2 months

Visited countries: Cuba, Peru, Bolivia, Chile e Argentine

Accidents: 1 twisted ankle, a light car accident (taxi) and a bed bug attack

Lost items: 1 sunglass, 1 bottle of water

Stolen items: 0

Credit cards used: 2

Cameras: smartphone (Moto G4) and GoPro 5 black

Number of photos and vídeos taken: 3.257

Notebook: 0

Unexpected route and date change: 1 (I didn’t go to Uruguay and came back to Brazil earlier than I had planned)

Unexpected hostel change: about 5 changes

Nights spent at a cold airport floor: 2 nights (Lima and Santiago)

Number of hiking courses: 5 (about 10 days)

Souvenirs I bought: post cards of almost all visited places, llama stuffed animal, llama key holder, llama wool sweater and scarf, Andes style chess game, water bottle from Easter Island, Moai ornament, Moai earrings, Argentinian alfajor, Calafate tea, Calafate jam. (I already gave away almost all souvenirs…)


Money spent on this backpack trip (TOTAL): About $5.800 USD (R$20.000,00)

Estimated amount before the trip: about $4.300 USD (R$15.000,00)

Transport: $2.160 USD (+45.600 miles) (Airplane only: $1.780 USD)

Travel insurance: $175 USD

Accommodation: $815 USD (about $18 USD per day)

Cheapest accommodation:

  • 1º – friend’s house, em Buenos Aires, $0
  • 2º – airport floor, Lima and Santiago, $0
  • 3º – hostel at Cusco, $5 USD

Most expensive accommodation:

  • 1º – room in Easter Island, $46 USD
  • 2º – hostel at Puerto Williams, $34 USD
  • 3º – Room in Havana, $30 USD

Tours/ Hiking courses etc: $1.630 USD (details below)

  • Torres del Paine – $430 USD
  • Inca Trail – $780 USD
  • Uyuni-Atacama trip – $190 USD
  • Concha y Toro Vineyard – $50 USD
  • Easter Island – $170 USD (1 day tour + Stargazing tour)

Souvenirs: about $175 USD

Food and other expenses: about $900 USD


I spent about $39 USD per day with accommodation and food. I just added the accommodation expenses with food expenses and divided per 44 (number of days), so the amount of money isn’t accurate. I had planned to spend about $30 USD per day, but I couldn’t manage to spend only that. I also had to change some hostel bookings, and I couldn’t get a refund most times. It is possible to travel without booking in advance, but as was going to a lot of places and I didn’t have much time (yes, one and a half months aren’t a lot if you want to visit many places), I decided to book everything in advance. It was better for me, because I didn’t want to worry about where I was going to stay at each place.


I still have a lot to share with everyone, so I’m going to write more details on the next posts.


If you have questions, advice, etc., please let me know

You can also email me:

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